Canadian Post Cards for Landscaping Companies

Landscapers, lawn care companies and lawn maintenance professionals – take advantage of our turn-key Print and Mail Postcard service, designed specifically for you!

Spring time is perfect to remind your existing and future customers about your packages and we are the perfect partner to get this organized and delivered.


We specialize in small runs.

First, we know that short runs often turn into bigger runs. As your customer base grows, we want to grow with you.

We can help you design your postcard.

We’ve done direct post card mailings for Canadian companies for about 20 years – we know a thing or two about how to get this done right! Some design elements work better than others – we make it easy for you to get a direct post card campaign going.

We service all of Canada, not just Ontario / GTA

We are based in Toronto and have many clients across the GTA, but there is nothing that stops us from delivering your direct post card campaign right across Canada. In fact, postcard and print prices tend to be lower in the Toronto / GTA area, so we get a lot of business from other parts of Canada where these prices are not as competitive. So if you are in Vancouver, British Columbia, servicing Vancouver, we can do your campaign from here. Same goes for Calgary, Alberta, Montreal, Quebec or Winnipeg, Manitoba (or any Canadian city).

We are an experienced Canadian Lettershop

Our procedures, processes and workflows are compliant with Canada Post’s rules and regulations (and let me tell you – there are plenty of them!). This means your post card mail campaign has the best chance of delivery and you can rest assured that all “I”s are dotted and “T”s are crossed. It’s better to have a professional on your side (but you already know this – you are one!)

Get in touch with us about improving your marketing and extending the reach of your landscaping business with with a post card mailing campaign and we’ll help to make your campaign a success!

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